6 Beautiful Drupal-built Sites We Love

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At Icreon, we’re big advocates of the Drupal platform. When it comes to building websites, Drupal is flexible, scalable and creative in ways that lots of other platforms aren’t. That being said, we’re always on the lookout for sites that are using Drupal to its fullest extent.

For those looking for a bit of inspiration, we’ve put together a small showcase of Drupal-built websites that are absolutely stunning in terms of both design and functionality. From beautiful image assets, to creative transitions, to comprehensive design executions, here are six beautiful Drupal websites that are inspiring us this week.




Bluhomes is a provider of prefab homes whose work features stunning architecture and high customization options. Ingrained in their style is a heavy focus on integrating the beauty of the outdoors with the serenity of the indoors. Navigate through the website and you’ll see this theme play out as you scroll down the pages. Elements deftly transition into the scene, and high-res images do a great job of evoking outdoor comfort. We love the way that Bluhomes has used Drupal to communicate its company message through cohesive design.

Cheeky Little Monkey Photography

Cheeky Little Monkey


In a world of throwaway digital photographs, Cheeky Little Monkey Photography emphasizes the value of pictures as physical keepsakes, readymade for putting on display in a home setting. They focus on candid images of children in everyday life, and their fantastically-executed Drupal website captures this same childlike playfulness in its design. We love the way CLMP uses color and simple shapes to showcase their work alongside the beauty of childhood.




Coppertino is the LA-based development studio behind VOX, a lightweight music player for Mac whose interface establishes a minimalist, yet full-featured design approach. That same design framework is reflected in their website – a beautifully simplistic interface that still does a great job of showcasing the company’s forward-thinking.




On its surface, Novation is simply a digital agency that creates websites, Facebook apps and mobile applications. But the company differentiates itself by employing a unique design–an approach which is immediately apparent upon a visit to their website. Built on Drupal, their online HQ is heavily (and gorgeously) customized, and does a great job of demonstrating their ability to create engaging digital experiences.




Taboola is the world’s leading content discovery platform, serving publishers that include USA Today, Fox Sports and TIME. Their entire focus is to connect people with content, and their site is a master class in how to communicate big ideas with large audiences. Using Drupal, their site is a seamless and delightful walk through what Taboola does, and how it might fit into a visitor’s overall strategy. We especially love the way they’ve implemented hover states to bring their site to life with useful information.




TOTO is a manufacturer of luxury bathroom fixtures that seeks to elevate the bathroom experience. If that sounds like a hard sell, you might be surprised at how deftly their site showcases objects like baths, faucets and toilets. Using Drupal, the layout features huge, luxurious images and tons of whitespace to add sophistication and minimalist Zen to the company’s products on the web.

We’re always looking to find more new and exciting ways that people are using the Drupal platform to realize their own ambitious designs. If you’ve seen any standout examples of beautiful Drupal sites, give us a heads-up in the comments below!  Otherwise, if you’re looking to develop your own content management system using Drupal – call or e-mail us and we’ll get started.


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