5 Apps the Pilgrims Could Have Benefited from

Pilgrim Apps

As we approach Thanksgiving, it’s part of the American tradition to think back on the pilgrims of the Mayflower, who faced many trials as they tried to develop new settlements. Here at Icreon, we’re always thinking of ways that people’s lives could be made easier through mobile apps, and find ourselves wondering what it might be like to go back in time and hand the early settlers a smartphone or mobile device.

From cooking apps, to health trackers and weather reports, here are 5 apps that would have made the pilgrims’ lives much easier.



Gojee is a fantastic app for making the most of whatever you’ve got. By entering your available ingredients, the app gives you delicious recipes that you can make with whatever you’ve got on hand. It would have been a fantastic tool for the pilgrims, and probably would have added a bit of variety to their limited ingredient base.



Why farm your own food when you can have it delivered? Even though the pilgrims didn’t have the infrastructure to handle a grocery delivery app like Instacart, it’s the exact type of technology that would have helped them through the winter.

Dark Sky


Dark Sky is a paid weather app for iOS that would have been perfect for the pilgrims. In contrast with other weather tools, Dark Sky gives alerts to changes in weather. If snow is about to begin in half an hour, it’ll alert the user so that they have ample time to prepare. It would have allowed pilgrims to make the most of their time while also staying safe from the elements.



While there are many fantastic GPS apps that would have helped the pilgrims keep track of their surroundings, Waze is an app that provides a collaborative aspect to warn of issues in the area. If, for instance, there was an accident or obstacle that users to should be worried about that, other Waze users can input that information and warn future users to avoid that area. It would have been great for marking rough or dangerous terrain.



In the thick forest wilderness of the American northeast, it would have been very easy for pilgrims to get lost. Life360 is a family app that allows family members to track and keep in contact with one another. This would be great for pilgrim families with children, allowing them to keep in touch even in dire situations.


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