Who is Icreon?

Icreon builds enterprise-grade websites, apps and software platforms for businesses and startups.

We’re a group of professionals with a single common sentiment. We believe in the transformative power of technology. We’re united by a passion to see businesses use technology in new ways to make themselves more profitable, more efficient, and more agile.

At Icreon, we build applications that generate revenue using the latest in web and mobile technology. Our approach is different than most, because we take the approach of learning your business inside-and-out before we make a single technology choice.

The end product you’re looking for may be an iPhone app, a new SaaS platform, or a new web application, but we know any technology we use is just a means to making your business more intelligent, more efficient & ultimately more profitable.

We specialize in working with growth oriented, medium-sized businesses. Our clients come from a number of verticals and have varying needs. What ties them together is business models with strong leadership teams who realize that their current business technology has room for improvement, or who see a new business gap that technology can help them fill.

Since our inception in January 2000, our formula for success has been simple – to bring businesses a technology differential, whether it be through design, development or consulting.

Be sure to check out the clients we’ve worked with.

If you’re interested in finding out how your business can better utilize technology, reach out to us and start the conversation. Email us directly at consulting@icreon.com or give us a call at 212-706-6021


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