5 Apps the Pilgrims Could Have Benefited from

Pilgrim Apps

As we approach Thanksgiving, it’s part of the American tradition to think back on the pilgrims of the Mayflower, who faced many trials as they tried to develop new settlements. Here at Icreon, we’re always thinking of ways that people’s lives could be made easier through mobile apps, and find ourselves wondering what it might be like to go back in time and hand the early settlers a smartphone or mobile device.

From cooking apps, to health trackers and weather reports, here are 5 apps that would have made the pilgrims’ lives much easier.

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Apps That Inspire – October 2014


Here at Icreon, we’re always looking out for the latest and greatest ways that apps are getting creative with UX and design to build high-quality apps. Over the past month, we’ve gotten up-close-and-personal with everything from creative iOS 8 keyboard apps, to ambitious new attempts to revolutionize the word processor. So here they are, the eight apps that have given us some great food for thought—and that we hope will inspire some ideas for you as well:

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Why eCommerce Brands Must Prepare for Mobile Shoppers

mobile ecommerce

As mobile devices, social media and ubiquitous Wi-Fi have become truly prolific, many brand’s eCommerce platforms have yet to compensate. A study conducted by IMRG in 2013 claimed that sales via mobile devices account for most of online growth.

This is a clear indication of a major shift in consumer behavior where online shoppers are migrating to mobile devices. For brands that want to win over mobile customers and propel business growth, being mobile ready is not just a matter of choice.

Mobile development is now a business imperative for eCommerce brands.

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This Week in Enterprise Software: The Top Articles for the Week of May 12, 2014

enterprise software

The week of May 12th was an exciting time for enterprise software. iOS is emerging as a dominant player for enterprise software implementations. Companies like Workday, Box, and Salesforce are transforming the traditional approach to business applications. And Forbes does a great job of diving into some of the nuances of a mobile first strategy in today’s enterprise. Without further ado, here are the top enterprise software articles of the week: Continue reading

The NFL Draft Mobile Apps Were Ready for the Mobile Fan

nfl fans

Whether they owned an Android device, iPhone, or high end tablet, NFL fans participated in the 2014 NFL Draft like never before. The NFL has released a fleet of apps across multiple device types to accompany viewers during the entire experience.

There are platforms for streaming the event from every major piece of hardware out there (televisions, PCs, Xbox One, or smartphones and tablets). In addition to the streaming capabilities, there are in-depth analysis tools for users to dive into each potential draftee as well as every team. ESPN has even released a tablet app for streaming the programming live.

Mobile apps are highly effective tools for increasing engagement with viewers and customers. And the NFL is a certified early mover. By delivering high-end software experiences for fans, the NFL is placing a definite emphasis on mobile as a way to increase interaction with their audience. Continue reading

Top Mobile Development Articles: Week of April 28th

mobile development

Icreon Tech’s mobile development team assembled a list of the most important developments in the mobile device space. They covered everything from the app market, mobile enabled payments, and shifts in the smartphone market.

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5 Ways That Web Development Can Impact A Business

web design

Websites are often the lifeblood of an organization. Marketing a brand online, setting up an eCommerce operation, and publishing news and other content via blogs are critical strategies for businesses today. The various functions and capabilities of a website are often tied to the perception of a brand.

Reaching the right customers through optimized content, and immersing visitors with effective web design techniques allow for many businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors (and garner increased market share). But when a website lags behind in terms of trending technologies and approaches to web development, the increasingly tech-savvy consumer will negatively judge a brand by their website.

In the same way that retailers and restaurant chains strategically assess and carefully implement updates to physical locations, brands should hold their websites to the same scrutiny and attention to detail. If you’re wondering whether or not your own website is meeting the expectations of today’s digital consumer, the following list will help you assess a website and decide if it’s time for a redesign or complete rebuild. Continue reading

How a Strong Social Business Strategy Can Impact a Brand

social media

A social business involves much more than employees with Facebook accounts or a company branded Twitter account. In fact almost every aspect of business operations have the potential to infuse social.

Surprisingly or not, social media networks that were once thought of as a next-generation time waster, are now being implemented within enterprises for productivity purposes. Customer service is even being conducted via Twitter. And email has been augmented with the rise of custom enterprise social networks (ESNs).

For businesses of all sizes, there are numerous ways to incorporate social media driven technologies for employees. Below, you’ll find an overview of the most effective ways a company can incorporate social to outpace competitors and establish loyal relationships with customers. Continue reading

Why Web Design Teams Should Emulate Mobile Apps

Websites should emulate mobile apps


For the first time ever, mobile device users are spending more time within apps than surfing the web. The high speed performance and superb design of today’s leading mobile apps are attracting attention and increasing expectations when it comes to digital experiences.

Customers are spending more time than ever interacting with software and web applications, and the resulting impact on how a business approaches web design is undeniable. Traditional header menus are disappearing in favor of side drawer menus. Icons are getting larger, and visuals and graphics are becoming flatter.

All of these trends in web development are directly inspired by mobile developers. Web design teams that are aiming to build websites that appeal to today’s tech-savvy consumer base, should attempt to emulate the look and feel of mobile apps. Continue reading

With Tablet App Development, Increased Screen Size Leads to Expanded Features

tablet app

The popularity and ubiquity of tablets has increasingly drawn software developers’ attention over the last few years. According to TechCrunch, tablet apps are enabling seamless aggregation of content and providing sustained engagement with consumers through immersive content.Brands and development teams have realized that high quality tablet app development is an effective method for reaching out to a larger target audience and increasing the popularity of a brand. To truly compete, brands need to develop apps that take full advantage of the huge leaps seen in mobile design and development.

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