The 10 Best Sites to Find Free Tech Photos

It’s not at all difficult to talk about technology on the internet, but it can be extremely difficult to actually show what technology looks like. Stock photos of tech products can tend to look sterile, especially in a world where our device interactions are becoming increasingly integrated with our daily lives. Sometimes, the biggest challenge can be to find high-quality, free photography that you can use for your own purposes without having to worry about royalty fees.

Here are 10 sites where you can find beautifully-shot photographs of technology—and they’re all absolutely free to use.

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An Overview of Apple WWDC 2014: Mobile Healthcare, Connected Apps, and a New Programming Language ‘Swift’

Apple iOS

Apple’s 2014 World Wide Developer Conference is currently underway, and despite a lack of new hardware announcements there are some interesting revelations in the area of mobile app development, the Internet of Things, and mobile healthcare.

Below you’ll find a breakdown along with several resources to help you better understand the recently unveiled Apple announcements. While Icreon Tech is admittedly technology agnostic when it comes to platforms and device preferences, we’re still excited to see what Apple has to contribute to the world of tech. We’ll provide a similar update come Google I/O 2014.

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This Week in Enterprise Software: The Top Articles for the Week of May 12, 2014

enterprise software

The week of May 12th was an exciting time for enterprise software. iOS is emerging as a dominant player for enterprise software implementations. Companies like Workday, Box, and Salesforce are transforming the traditional approach to business applications. And Forbes does a great job of diving into some of the nuances of a mobile first strategy in today’s enterprise. Without further ado, here are the top enterprise software articles of the week: Continue reading

The NFL Draft Mobile Apps Were Ready for the Mobile Fan

nfl fans

Whether they owned an Android device, iPhone, or high end tablet, NFL fans participated in the 2014 NFL Draft like never before. The NFL has released a fleet of apps across multiple device types to accompany viewers during the entire experience.

There are platforms for streaming the event from every major piece of hardware out there (televisions, PCs, Xbox One, or smartphones and tablets). In addition to the streaming capabilities, there are in-depth analysis tools for users to dive into each potential draftee as well as every team. ESPN has even released a tablet app for streaming the programming live.

Mobile apps are highly effective tools for increasing engagement with viewers and customers. And the NFL is a certified early mover. By delivering high-end software experiences for fans, the NFL is placing a definite emphasis on mobile as a way to increase interaction with their audience. Continue reading

Guide to Enterprise Software Applications

Beginners Guide Enterprise Software

Enterprise software refers to the applications and software systems developed or commissioned internally by companies. They are either tailor-made from scratch or purchased from third-party vendors and heavily customized for an organization’s business.

Up until the mid-1970’s just about all software applications were limited to enterprises, due to the fact that enterprises were the only ones that could afford computers. Organizations such as Oracle, SAS and J.D. Edwards were the early movers when it came to delivering powerful database and accounting software solutions.

In recent years, cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings like Salesforce have shaken up the enterprise software space. Yet despite such innovation the traditional issues of developing and introducing an enterprise application into a business remains relatively the same. Continue reading

Top Mobile Development Articles: Week of April 28th

mobile development

Icreon Tech’s mobile development team assembled a list of the most important developments in the mobile device space. They covered everything from the app market, mobile enabled payments, and shifts in the smartphone market.

Each week we’ll provide a recap of the news that will help brands position themselves at the forefront of mobile trends. Continue reading

How a Strong Social Business Strategy Can Impact a Brand

social media

A social business involves much more than employees with Facebook accounts or a company branded Twitter account. In fact almost every aspect of business operations have the potential to infuse social.

Surprisingly or not, social media networks that were once thought of as a next-generation time waster, are now being implemented within enterprises for productivity purposes. Customer service is even being conducted via Twitter. And email has been augmented with the rise of custom enterprise social networks (ESNs).

For businesses of all sizes, there are numerous ways to incorporate social media driven technologies for employees. Below, you’ll find an overview of the most effective ways a company can incorporate social to outpace competitors and establish loyal relationships with customers. Continue reading

Icreon Tech in the News: The MLBPA Player’s App Featured in Mashable


Mashable recently published a piece on the mobile app that Icreon Tech created with the Major League Baseball Players’ Association. Head over to Mashable now to read the entire article:

“By giving players tools to negotiate better contracts or learn about reputation management on social media, the MLBPA is hoping the app will make the business side of players’ careers more transparent, said Prasant Varghese, an analyst at Icreon Tech, the company that developed the app for the MLBPA.

“They were looking at providing more services for players so they could connect with them more easily,” Varghese told Mashable. “The Players Association has this really strong vision for connecting everybody.””



Mobile Development Trends for the Upcoming Year

Mobile Development Trends

Mobile was on everyone’s mind in 2013, and that trend is likely to continue with increased progress in mobile development techniques and applications. Now that developers and designers are acclimated to the mobile space, the potential for continued innovation in 2014 is greater than ever. Continue reading

In The News: December 10th


Icreon Tech has been making the rounds with the national press. Our executives have been discussing everything from to cognitive computing and 2014 technology trends.

A quick roundup: Team Working Through Holiday to Meet Deadline

As got back on its feet, our CEO spoke with NPR’s Elise Hu regarding the technical status of the websites’s development and the likelihood of issues down the road.

These 3 Trends Will Drive Enterprise Software Development in 2014

Gearing up for next year, Icreon Tech’s CEO Himanshu Sareen shares his predictions and expectations for 2014. In his article for VentureBeat he explores some of the leading trends in the enterprise software space.

With Watson API Public, Welcome a New Age of Software Development

Over at Wired, Himanshu explores the implications of IBM’s decision to make supercomputer Watson’s APIs publically available. The initial round of access is open to retail, travel, and healthcare companies. Icreon Tech’s software and web development team is anxious to say the least.

Experts: Fix Needs More Time, Money

Three weeks into the repairs, Associated Press reporter Bree Fowler reached out to Himanshu to gain his perspective on the colossal IT project. He also shared some tips on what he might have done differently.